Demo Honeymoon Registry

May 10, 2021 Sydney

26 contributions 542 days to go

This is a demo honeymoon gift registry which you can use to see how it might look for your event.

Feel free to make a contribution, the system will not ask for your credit card details so you can simulate the entire experience from your guests point of view.

5 Nights at a Safari Hotel

We're staying at a resort which is in the middle of a protected wildlife sanctuary.

8 contributions


Dusk Safari Adventure

As the sun goes down, out come all the wild things.

6 contributions


A New DSLR Camera

So we can capture all of these amazing experiences.

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$550 remaining


2 Nights at the Elephant Hotel Suite

Spending some time with wild elephants roaming around our bedroom!

3 contributions

$50 remaining


Camel Ride Experience for 2

Riding the wild plains on the back of this old chap.

0 contributions

$250 remaining


Hot Air Balloon Wildlife Tour

Observing the savannah by air.

2 contributions

$55 remaining


2 Nights at Giraffe Manor

Living with giraffes for 2 days is going to be crazy!

2 contributions


African Safari Sunset Dinner

A romantic dinner together watching the sun go down over the African plains.

5 contributions


Rhi item


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$999 remaining


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