Jessy & Bruce’s FIRST baby

September 24, 2019 Brisbane, Queensland.

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Hi Everyone!

We’re not the type to ask for gifts and really don’t expect anything but we have put together a baby register for our friends and family in Australia who have wanted to send things as well as friends overseas! This way, there’s no fuss with shipping and you can send something if you like we would appreciate absolutely anything you choose to give❤️  it would be a great help and we thank you immensely.

I won’t be able to do a cool baby shower like you see in the movies as too many friends and family live in far away lands….

We thought this would be the best way for everyone to help get us what we need for our first newborn 👶 even the small things would be much appreciated ❤️ Geez they require a lot I am so shocked I thought I could get away with being lazy but that’s not going to fly haha


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