Ended Sample Gift Registry

October 31, 2017
Event Date
Rialto Observation Deck in Melboune
Event Location


This is the main description that your friends & family will see when they view your gift registry. This could be used for wedding day information, your love story as well as inviting your guests to contribute to your online gift registry or online wishing well.

If you select the gift registry Gift Registry, you can create as many items as you like, ranging from minimal cost all the way up to larger more expensive items that your guests can make contribution towards.

If you choose to create a Wishing Well (during setup), guests will contribute to a pool of money that you will receive on a nominated date, generally the day of your wedding.

Remember, you can get as creative as you like using My Gift Registry because you can add items from anywhere in the world to your online Gift Registry. You could even add items like “Credit Card Debt” or “House Deposit” to your Online Gift Registry.

If you need help inspiring your guests to use your registry, we have a range of poems that you can used in the description or add to your wedding invites. Here’s an example…

“These two love birds have it all
family, friends and so much more.

If a gift is your intention,
Below are some items, as a suggestion.

Contribute whatever you feel to wish them well,
And make a wish but please don’t tell!

This will help as they become Mr & Mrs,
But most of all they appreciate your best wishes!”

Take a look at the items below, this sample registry will give you an idea of what other couples are uploading to their online gift registry.

It’s free to create a registry with My Gift Registry & we have great sharing tools to make it easy to invite your friends & family.

So take 5 minutes and create your online gift registry now!

New Baby Crib

Contributions: 35 Remaining: $0

1hr Couples Honeymoon Massage

Contributions: 12 Remaining: $0

Honeymoon Flights

Contributions: 16 Remaining: $0

His and Hers Pillows

Contributions: 2 Remaining: $0

Family Size Washing Machine

Contributions: 23 Remaining: $0

10 Personal Training Classes

Contributions: 15 Remaining: $0

Vera Wang Dinner Set

Contributions: 3 Remaining: $0

House Deposit

Contributions: 6 Remaining: $0

Bottle of French Champagne

Contributions: 3 Remaining: $0

Romantic Dinner on the Beach

Contributions: 2 Remaining: $0

Paddle Boarding Lesson

Contributions: 1 Remaining: $0

Swimming with Dolphins Experience

Contributions: 2 Remaining: $0

Personal Messages

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