Let’s Spoil Teagan!

November 10, 2018 TBC

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Teagan is getting married!!! She is also magnificently juggling a few different roles right now, while planning a wedding, and while she doesn’t need anymore kitchen or household items, time and resources are a challenge. So we thought it would be lovely to spoil her with a surprise Bridal Shower and celebrate this new season as a bride by getting her some lovely and special items she won’t have chance to buy for herself. So we’re thinking pretty lingerie, swimmers, pjs and nighties, beachwear and little dresses that she can take away on her honeymoon (or gift vouchers for any of the above). I’ve added some items in her sizes and in colours/styles she would like but feel free to just use it as a guide and if you buy an equivalent item, claim it on the registry so we don’t double up. I was also thinking friends may opt to go in on some of these gifts together – so we can gift her some special, quality items. Just remember – it’s all a surprise!

Pink Marle in Size Small

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