The Love Party of Peter & Hailey

February 2, 2019 Huskisson, Jervis Bay, NSW

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Hello to all of our dear guests – beloved friends and family who are so very dear to us.

We are SO VERY EXCITED that so many of you can make it to our two day (or even three day for some people)               Garden-Party-Exravaganza by the beach in Huskisson, NSW.

The biggest and best gift we could ever receive is the presence of you, our friends and family, being there to celebrate with us, so that we can share this special moment, enjoy each others company, and take some cherished photographs together – and so that all our friends and family can meet, and be in one place together.

This is truly amazing and heartwarming for us, and a once in a lifetime opportunity – we just can’t thank you enough.

So please just come, enjoy your selves and have a boogie on our dance floor!

We have had some very kind guests who would like to give us a gift beyond this – we are so touched, we have left this till last, as we have been refusing gifts!

But some people don’t take no for an answer, so for those who would like to, we have put some items here – most of them are experiences that we would like to do together in 2019. If you would like, you can make a contribution and we will think of you with gratitude and delight when we enjoy them!

One is a charity which we have chosen, in beloved memory of Hailey’s Grandmother, Kathleen June Eastwood, who recently passed.

Thank you so much!

Lots of love,

Peter and Hailey xx

Dementia Australia Foundation

We are raising money to help bring awareness and research into Dementia, and help those who are suffering and their loved ones.

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"Training Wheels" - 8 Week Ceramics Course x2

Introduction to Ceramics

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FANCY PANTS! - Cutler & Co

Cutler & Co, Melbourne

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PIRATE LIFE - Level 1 Sailing Course x2

Sailing Lessons - Level 1 Sailing Course

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