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Moving Out Gift Registry

Moving into a new home?
An online gift registry is the perfect fit!

Did you know that many people choose to use an online gift registry for major life milestones? An online registry offers far more convenience because of the time it saves, and the flexibility it offers.

Collect funds,
not unwanted gifts

We make it easy to collect funds so you can buy everything you want, instead of collecting gifts that you don't need.

All for just $45

Unwanted gifts
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"We just moved into our new home and felt awkward asking for house warming gifts. The online gift registry made it way easier and fun!"

~ Stephanie, Scarborough

How an online registry works

Just create a simple list of items and redeem the contributions as cash that you can spend however you like!
Get really creative and add items which aren't available in any stores!

  • Add unlimited items
  • Include items from any physical store
  • Add items from any online store
  • Add items not available in any store
  • Get setup in less than 1 minute
  • Guests can make partial contributions on a single item
  • Receive contributions before the actual event
  • Redeem the funds to spend however you like!
  • Combined gift registry & wishing well
  • Automatic reminders for guests

Example moving registry

Take a look at this moving out gift registry, and see how it works!

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