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Online Wishing Wells: Everything You Need To Know

Ok so it’s pretty clear that an online wishing well for the wedding is a waaaay better idea than a physical one.

So how do you set one up? Simple!

Step 1: Create your account (any type)

Create an account to begin the creation process.

Step 2: Remove the default list items

Your account will come pre-populated with some of the most popular items people tend to include in a gift registry, which you need to delete.

Removing the default list items

Simply delete all of the items in the list until there are none left.

Step 3: Create a single item

Now that you’ve removed everything from the list, create a new item and call it wishing well.

Wishing well item

You can actually call it anything you like, it has no impact on how the system functions.

Step 4: You’re ready to publish!

Publish your new wishing well! We created a demo wishing well, so you can see how it might look.

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