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Wedding Wishing Wells in Adelaide

Many people choose to have an online wishing well for their Adelaide wedding because it is easy to setup, safe & secure, and it makes life easy for you and your guests.

Guests are able to make a contribution easily, without the stress of having to choose a specific gift for your wedding.

Collect funds,
not unwanted gifts

We make it easy to collect funds so you can buy the things you really want, instead of collecting gifts that you don't need.

All for just $65

Unwanted gifts
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"It made my life so much easier, I didn’t have to worry or think about it. So simple and easy to use! Thank you!"

~ Eve, Adelaide

How a wishing well works for weddings

Wishing wells are very popular for weddings in Adelaide but in recent years couples have been turning to online wishing wells instead of physical ones at the wedding reception for several very good reasons.

  • Setup takes less than 1 minute
  • Guests can choose how much to give
  • Easy payments via mobile device
  • Can be used by overseas guests
  • Receive contributions before the actual event
  • Redeem the funds to spend however you like
  • Combine gift registry & wishing well features
  • Automatic reminders for guests

Example wedding wishing well

Take a look at this virtual wishing well for a wedding, and see how it works!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Gift Registry secure?

Absolutely! We take security extremely seriously which is why we've built our system to be the most secure service available. Learn more...

Can overseas guests use this service too?

Yes! Our system is capable of receiving transactions from all over the world, so friends and family in other countries will also be able to easily make a purchase too.

Can I combine an online wishing well, and an online gift registry?

Yes. Our system is so advanced, it allows you to have the best of both worlds! Learn more...

Do you take a percentage of funds as they're collected?

No. Whatever funds your guests choose to send you, is exactly what will be credited to your account.

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