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Congratulations on finding the #1 online gift registry in Brisbane!

It can be used for a wedding, engagement, honeymoon, birthday, christening, baby shower, or some other type of event where you'd like to receive money, rather than gifts.

We have one mission...

To make it easy to collect financial gifts from friends and family, and to make it easy and stresss-free for guests wanting to give a thoughtful gift.

Say NO to Bad Gifts!

Most ordinary gift registry services are extremely annoying to use because they're so limited with what they can do.

Unwanted gifts

They take hours to setup. 😟

You can only add items from their stores.😨

Guests can't make partial contributions & they hate it.😠

And then you still end up having to return most gifts anyway!🤯

This is especially true for a regular wedding registry in Brisbane.

Online Gift Registry in Brisbane

Using My Gift Registry means you never have to worry abou that because our service is designed for to make it easy and stress-free for everyone!

 Guests make contributions to whatever item they like and you collect the funds.


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