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Best Wedding Gift Registry in Melbourne

Welcome to the #1 wedding gift registry in Melbourne! There is simply no easier way to collect financial gifts from guests for your Wedding, Engagement, Baby Shower, Birthday or any other type of event!

We enable people to receive financial gifts so they can buy the things they really want, without the stress of having to return or regift a bunch of terrible gifts.

Collect funds,
not unwanted gifts

We make it easy to collect funds so you can buy the things you really want for your engagement party, instead of collecting gifts that you don't need.

All for just $65

Unwanted gifts
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"Very quick and easy to use and I’m not tech savvy at all."

~ Kristy, Melbourne

How an online gift registry works

Create an account and add a list of items you'd like. Guests make contributions towards items in your list. At the end, you'll receive the funds to spend however you like!

  • Add unlimited items
  • Add items from any physical store
  • Add items from any online store
  • Add items not available in any store
  • Get setup in less than 1 minute
  • Guests can make partial contributions on an item
  • Receive contributions before the actual event
  • Redeem the funds to spend however you like
  • Combined gift registry & wishing well
  • Automatic reminders for guests

Unlimited flexibility

Claim the funds your guests contribute with preloaded cards and then spend the money however you like!

Store cards

Example Melbourne gift registry

Take a look at this example gift registry, and see how it works!

Alana Milich & Andrew Taylor’s Wedding



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Michelle and Jack’s Wedding


Fitzroy Gardens, East Melbourne

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John & Jaclyn



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Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Gift Registry secure?

Absolutely! We take security extremely seriously which is why we've built our system to be the most secure service available. Learn more...

Can overseas guests use this service too?

Yes! Our system is capable of receiving transactions from all over the world, so friends and family in other countries will also be able to easily make a purchase too.

Can I combine an online wishing well, and an online gift registry?

Yes. Our system is so advanced, it allows you to have the best of both worlds! Learn more...

Do you take a percentage of funds as they're collected?

No. Whatever funds your guests choose to send you, is exactly what will be credited to your account.

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