Welcome to the #1 gift registry in Melbourne. Remember we also do online wishing wells too! My Gift Registry has a simple mission to give people free access to Australia’s best online gift registry service. There is simply no easier way to collect donations from guests for your Wedding, Engagement, Baby Shower, Birthday or any other type of event!

Say NO to Bad Gifts

Woman looking at a bad gift
Let’s get serious for a moment. Most gift registry services are terrible. You have to pick items from a specific list of stores which are aligned with the registry provider. You have to ensure there are a range of gifts which fit into all budgets, which means you’re including items in your list which you don’t really want or need! Then afterwards you go back and exchange all those items for cash. Talk about a waste of time!

This is especially true for a regular wedding registry in Melbourne.

My Gift Registry skips past those silly limitations and lets you make a gift registry with items from any store, no mater where in the world it’s located, because guests are simply making a financial donation for you to spend however you like. Now that’s convenient!

You can choose to manage your guest contributions in 2 different and extremely useful ways…

Online Gift Registry in Melbourne

During signup select the “online gift registry” option and you can create a list of items which guests can make contributions towards. This is sometimes a good option if you think some guests might feel strange about not buying an actual item. It enables them to feel like they’re buying something specific for you, and gives you the convenience of just collecting funds in your bank account.

Online Wishing Well in Melbourne

If you want to do away with the list of gifts you can select the “online wishing well” option. This is a simple 1-click donation process so they can make a financial contribution which you then receive in the form of gift cards. No lists required!

Did we mention that setup takes less than 5 minutes! No stress needed here.

Get started and create your online gift registry now, or if you have some questions before you start, check out our FAQ section or you can contact us directly.